Winmax BD75 Free Flash File Without Password [Tested]

Monday, October 31, 2016

Winmax BD75 Flash File 100% Free
CPU : 6261
INFO : FISE61D_11C_PCB01_GPRS_MT6261_S00.MAUI_11C_W13_52_MP_V2_F9

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Download Infinix Flash Tool (all versions)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Infinix Flash Tool is a small application that allows you to flash stock firmware on any Mediatek Smartphone and Tablets. Here, on this page we have managed to share the latest version of Infinix Flash Tool along with the previous releases.
Infinix Flash Tool

Features of Infinix Flash Tool

Portable Application
It comes as a portable application, which means it doesnt need to be installed on the computer to use it. Simply extract the downloaded package and open flash_tool.exe to launch it.
Simple Interface
It comes with very easy interface and less buttons to get confused with. On the main panel there is only three buttons available i.e Browse, Start and Stop. Browse button allows you to add the Scatter file, Start Button allows you to begin the flashing process and using the Stop Button you can Stop the flashing process anytime.
Flash Stock Firmware
It allows you to flash stock firmware on any Mediatek Feature Phone, Smartphone and Tablets in a click only. Simply, load the scatter file using the browser button and click on start button to begin the flashing process.
CDC and VCOM Compatible
It supports Android CDC and Android VCOM drivers to flash the stock firmware on Mediatek Device. You need to install either CDC or VCOM Driver on your computer to get your device detected by the Infinix Flash Tool.

Download Infinix Flash Tool


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Download Sugar MTK SP Flash Tool

Sugar MTK SP Flash Tool is a small application that allows you to flash stock firmware on any Mediatek FeaturePhone, Smartphone and Tablets. Here, on this page we have managed to share the working version of Sugar MTK SP Tool that allows you to perform multiple tasks.
Sugar MTK SP Flash Tool

Features of Sugar MTK SP Flash Tool

Sugar MTK SP Tool comes as autoinstaller which means in order to use the application, you have to install the application on your computer.
Inbuilt MTK Driver
After completing the initinal Setup of Sugar MTK SP Tool on your computer, you will be asked to install the MTK Drivers at the Last of Setup. Simply, Tick Install Driver and Click on Finish Button.
Auto Update
After completing the initial setup of Sugar MTK SP Tool on your computer, when you launch the tool then you will get notification whether any new version of tool is available or not.
Noticeable Features
It allows you to download from GUTO server or Local computer, Download from Local computer with dongle authentication, Multithreaded Download, support change CU-REF, Support building root record, support emergency download CU-REF.

Download Sugar MTK SP Flash Tool

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Download Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) is a small application that allows you to flash stock firmware on Qualcomm Smartphone and tablets. Here on this page we have managed to share the latest version of Qualcomm Flash Image Loader application which supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Qualcomm Flash Image Loader QFIL

Features of Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

Portable Application
QFIL comes as a portable application which means you dont have to install it on your computer in order to use it. Simply Download and extract the application and open QFIL.exe to launch it, and you are ready to use.
Easy to Use
It allows users to easily load the Qualcomm based stock firmware (.mbn) on the tool and flash it on the Smartphone and Tablets easily in one click.
Log Box
If you are flashing the stock firmware using QFIL then you can see the complete log in the log box of the application. Which will help you to investigate the errors, if you got any.
Supports Qualcomm Chipset
QFIL only supports smartphone and tablets which are having Qualcomm Chipsets only. It will not work the devices having other chipsets than Qualcomm.

Download Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

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Yahoo Messenger v0.8.231 [New Version]

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The new version of Yahoo Messenger is redesigned with brand-new features. Now you can share photos instantly, send animated GIFs, and even unsend messages. It's available for Android, iPhone, desktop, and on the web via your browser.
Older versions of Yahoo Messenger will begin shutting down on August 5, 2016. If you haven't upgraded Yahoo Messenger recently, you're probably using a legacy version. To continue using Yahoo Messenger, please upgrade to the newest version:
Get the brand new Yahoo Messenger, now available as a desktop app.
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Winamax BD50 1000% Tested Without Password [Direct Link] (New File)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Winamax BD50 1000% Tested Without Password
This file readback by Miracle Box
You Can Write this file any tool or Box
Such As,
Piranha,Volcano,MiracleBox, EgleEye and Any other tools and crack :)
No Copy File..
Direct Link No Password
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Sony FlashTool Letest release V0.9.22.3 [Direct Link]

Sunday, August 21, 2016

 Latest release (


C4 and C5 users please do not flash using Flashtool. It will brick the device. M5 users please do use FSC when flashing or it will brick your device.


  • Due to many bad simlock flashing, simlock is disabled from FTF selector wipe / exclude list. It is only enabled in Pro mode. A warning is shown when flashing while in pro mode.
  • New FTF Selector UI
  • Fixed issue with BL unlock in the case it was relocked (TA unit was not written to phone correctly)
  • New TA Restore UI and a new Advanced feature : single TA file flashing (See Advanced -> Trim Area -> S1 -> flash TA file

Many File Easyly Flashed Easy way intac source.....
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Sony Xperia SP C5303 / C5306 / M35h Dead Boot Repair

Bricked phone symptoms:
  • can't power on after flash,
  • no lcd or led reaction for power button,
  • no lcd or led reaction for charger,
  • no lcd or led reaction if phone is connected to PC,
  • your PC can't detect your phone with vol-,
  • phone does not vibrate when holding vol+ and power together.
Repair steps:

Test mode point Posted By NikkyM

Firstly connect turned off bricked phone to your PC. If phone will be detected in device manager as:

qhusb_dload device
You are lucky and this is the end of the first step for you. Just disconnect phone.

If your phone can't be detected at all, you must find testpoint. Disassemble your phone
remove battery and connect each golden point on main board one by one to metal shield and attach usb cable. If your phone will be detected in device manager as flash device or something like that you've found testpoint. Don't forget to take a picture of main board and mark testpoint nd post here

Download All FilesHere

Download and run this s1tool:

Download boot firmware for your Sony Xperia SP (extract it from rar):
In S1tool choose S1 EMERGENCY mode, press Flash button, select Sony Xperia SP boot firmware .sin_file_set file,

Press Testpoint READY button

and if your phone is detected as qhusb_dload device, just attach usb cable. If not, perform all steps from point 3 (connect testpoint to GND and attach USB cable).

When drivers will be installed and phone will be detected, program will ask you to disconnect testpoint. Disconnect testpoint from GND and press Testpoint READY button.

After that phone will load emergency s1 loader, re-enumerate usb, load s1 loader and flash selected boot firmware.

Welcome to S1 tool.
That is small and crippled subset of SETOOL2 service tool.



will use DLOAD protocol ...
1801000F43240892D02F0DC96313C81351B40FD5029ED98FF9 EC7074DDAE8B05CDC8E1

Emergency loader uploaded ...

FLASH ID: "00FE/004E003F"

Processing package
C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\S1Boot_R11B023_HWID 7E50E1.SIN_FILE_SET

Processing ACPU files
PROCESSING: boot.sin
no update files in package
Elapsed:29 secs.

After Repair Done Flash vit firmware.
Source: Sony VT
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Western W110 Flash File 100% Tested

Thursday, August 18, 2016

  Western W110 Spd 6531 Flash File 1000% Tested
  Internal version: SPRD3
  Boot downloaded.
  Start boot please wait a moment....
  Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
  CPU TYPE:SC6531 [65310000]
  FLASH ID: 00C8006000160000
  Flash Type:[GD]  25LG32bWL
  Reading completed. 
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Lyf Earth 1 Usb Driver

On this page, we have managed to share the official usb driver for Lyf Earth 1 Device. If in case you were already searching for the usb driver for this device, then this page will help you out.
There are 2 usb driver available for your device. One is for Flashing the Stock Firmware and another is for normal connecting the device to the computer.

Lyf Earth 1 driver For Flashing Firmware

Download Qualcomm Driver
How to Install (video)

Lyf Earth 1 driver For Normal Connecting

Download ADB Driver
How to Install (video)
How to install driver manually:
Step 1: Download and extract the driver on your computer.
Step 2: Open Device Manager and Click on Add the Legacy Hardware Menu.
Step 3: Click Next.
Step 4: Select Install the hardware that I manually Select from a list.
Step 5: Locate the extracted driver manually on your computer.
Step 6: Click Add.
Step 7: Your Driver will be installed and listed in the Device Manager.
Important Notes:
[*] Driver Signature Error: If you got Driver Signature Error While installing the Driver then See this Video to fix this problem.
[*] If you are trying to flash stock firmware on your device then download Spreadtrum Driver Only. ADB Driver will not work for flashing the stock firmware.
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How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I [Root Tutorial]

Thursday, May 5, 2016

These are the instructions to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I (running on android 6.0.1, built id MMB29K.G925IDVU3EPC6) using Odin on Windows Computer.
Requirements: Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I should have atleast 30-40 percent of battery to perform the rooting process.
Step 1: Download and Install Samsung USB Driver on your computer. If Samsung USB Driver is already installed on your computer then Skip this Step.
USB Logo
Step 2Download and extract the root files on your computer. After extracting you will be able to see the following files:
Chainfire Root File for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
Step 3: Now, Switch off your Smartphone.
Power Off Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
Step 4: After switching-off the phone, you need to boot into Download Mode. To boot into download mode Press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power button at same time for 5-8 seconds until download mode is active.
Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
Step 5: In the Download mode you will be able to see a Warning Yellow Triangle Sign. In this situation you have to press the Volume Up key to continue.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I Warning Sign
Step 6: Now, Open Odin3 (found in the extracted files, that you have downloaded in the Step#2) on your computer. Then connect your Smartphone to the computer.
Open Odin3.07 for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
Step 7: Once you have connected the Smartphone to the computer, Odin will automatically recognize the device and show “Added” message at the lower-left panel.
Samsung Galaxy Added Odin 3.07
Step 8: Once your device is detected by Odin, click on the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root.tar file (you have downloaded this file in step#2).
Add PDA Odin 3.07 for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
Odin3.07 PDA file for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
Step 9: Now, click on the Start button in Odin to begin the Flashing.
Start Odin3.07 Flash Samsung Galaxy
Step 10: Flashing usually takes 30-50 seconds to complete the rooting process on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I. Once Rooting process is completed you will be able to see a Green Box with Pass written on it in Odin. During this process Smartphone will re-boot automatically.
Odin3.07 Flash Completed for Samsung Galaxy
Step 11: Once you see, the Pass message in Odin, you can disconnect your Device from the computer.
Step 12: Now, to make sure you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I, open Applications Menu on your Smartphone and Find SuperSU App. If this app exist on your Smartphone then it means you have successfully rooted your device. Congratulations.
SuperSU Installed on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I
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How to unlock bootloader of HTC 10

Saturday, April 30, 2016

These are the instructions to unlock the bootloader on HTC 10 smartphone using the fastboot tools on Windows Computer.
Requirements: Your device should have atleast 20 percent or above battery to follow the instructions.
Step 1: Download and install HTC USB driver on your computer. If HTC USB drivers are already installed on your computer then skip this step.
USB Logo
Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your HTC Device. To enable USB Debugging: Open Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging > Tick to enable.
Enable USB Debugging HTC 10
(Developers Option is hidden for Android 4.2.2 or above, to show this option Go to Settings > About Phone > Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times).
Step 3: Now, Power off your HTC 10 Smartphone.
Power off HTC 10 Smartphone
Step 4: Now, you need to boot into the bootloader mode. To boot into bootloader mode, Press and hold the Volume Down Key and Power Key (for 4-5 seconds) and release the power key but keep holding the Volume Down key until bootloader mode is visible on the screen.
HTC 10 boot into fastboot
In the Bootloader Mode, Highlight Fastboot (using the volume up and down) and press the Power button.
HTC 10 highlight fastboot
Step 5: Connect your HTC 10 Smartphone to the computer.
Connect HTC 10 Smartphone to Computer
Step 6: Download and install the Minimal ADB and fastboot tools on your computer.
install minimal adb fastboot
Step 7: Once, Installation is completed Launch the Minimal ADB and fastboot tools.
minimal adb fastboot setup complete
Step 8: Now, you will be able to see the following command window.
minimal command window
Step 9: Now, In the command Window, give this command: fastboot oem get_identifier_token
htc 10 fastboot oem get identifier token
Step 10: Now, you will be able to see the unlock data (string) that you have to copy. To copy, right click in the command window and select Mark.
Mark identifier token HTC 10
Using the Mouse select the whole unlock data (string) as shown in the below picture:
Select identifier token HTC 10
Once you have selected the unlock data (string), left click the mouse button to copy.
Step 11: Now, Open HTC Dev website and create a new account (If you dont have HTC account then you have to create it).
Step 12: Sign In to your HTC Account and Open the HTC Dev Unlock Bootloader Page.
Step 13. On Unlock Bootloader page, you will find the Supported Devices section on the left side. Under Supported Devices, Select “All other supported models”. After that click on the Green Begin Unlock Bootloader Button.
Unlocking HTC 10 Bootloader
Step 14. Now you will be able to see pop-up confirmation message “Are you sure you wish to continue?“, click on Yes to continue the unlocking process.
HTC 10 Bootloader confirmation
Step 15. Again you will see a pop-up which prompts to accept legal terms. Tick both boxes and click on the Proceed to Unlock Instructions button.
HTC 10 Bootloader Legal Terms
Step 16. On the next page you will be able to see instructions to enter into Bootloader mode on your Phone, which you have to ignore as you have already entered into the bootloader mode in Step#4. Simply, scroll down the page and Click on Proceed to Step 5 button.
htcdev bootloader proceed step5
Step 17: On the Next Page Enter the Copied Unlock Data (string) into the My Device Identifier Token Area and click on Submit Button.
HTC 10 identifier token
Step 18: Now, HTC will send you the Unlock_code.bin file on your registered Email ID (through which you have logged in Step#14).
HTC 10 Unlock code.bin
Step 19: Download Unlock_code.bin file on your computer and Move it to the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Folder (C:Program Files > Minimal ADB and Fastboot).
Unlock code.bin placed in root folder
Step 20: Once you have successfully moved the Unlock_code.bin file, Open the Command Window and type following command: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
HTC 10 unlock token command
Step 21: You will be able to see some processes on your HTC Device and your HTC Device will reboot automatically.
Step 22: Now you will be able to see the Warning Bootloader Unlocked Message (this confirms that you have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your HTC Device).
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How to Easy Soft Reset Nokia Lumia 610C Guide

Friday, April 22, 2016

If you have a stuck Nokia Lumia 610 or Nokia Lumia 610C this how to reset guide can be helpful to you. First thing you need to know is that you should never reset your smartphone’s OS unless there is no other way to solve your problem. Because sometimes you can damage your phone even further. Only Hard reset your phone when there is absolutely no other other way.
Nokia Lumia 610C. Lumia 610

This guide works for both Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 610C, both of these mobile phones are practically the same. Okay so first step if your phone is stuck and is not responding to any of your commands simply do a power reset. To do a power reset pull the battery out of your mobile phone, wait for a few seconds and put the battery back in. Turn on the mobile phone and hopefully your phone will start working again.
Nokia Lumia 610C and Lumia 610 Power Reset Guide. Doing a power reset will not reset of delete anything on your mobile phone.
  1. Pull the battery out
  2. Wait for a few seconds
  3. Put the battery back in
  4. Turn on the phone
Okay so if that does not solve your problem and you are still having trouble working with your phone then it is time to do Software OS reset on your Nokia Lumia 610C.
Warning! Doing a software OS reset will delete all of your data from the mobile phone. It will delete all the Contacts, SMS messages, Games and Applications. It will reset your Windows Live ID as well and your phone will get back to its original factory state.
Nokia Lumia 610C and Lumia 610 Software OS reset Guide.
  1. Tap on “Settings”
  2. Tap on “About”
  3. Tap on “reset your phone”
Nokia Lumia 610C, 610 Software Reset
Settings > About > reset your phone

If you don’t have access to your Mobile Phone’s settings or you do not know the security code of your mobile phone then you are going to have to re-install the OS on your mobile phone in other words flash your phone. Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 610C do not support Hard OS reset using hardware keys like many other smartphones.
If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
Note: Every repairing solution posted here is tested by at least one member of our team. Use the information available here at Your Own Risk. We are not responsible if any harm comes to your device during the repairing process.
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How to Test and Diagnose Problems in Nokia Lumia 610C

In Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 610C there is an extremely useful hidden feature that most of the users don’t even know about. It is called On-Device Diagnostic Tool or ODDT App for short. This tool let’s you test and diagnose everything there is to test in your mobile phone. Like if you are having sound issues you can use this app to check whether it is your phone’s software problem or the hardware is causing it.
Nokia Lumia 610C. Lumia 610
In other words it let’s you completely test out your Nokia Lumia 610C and Lumia 610 parts including all the sensors, speakers, mic, camera and vibration. It can be very useful to people who want to buy a second hand phone. You can just start the ODDT app and test everything before paying.
To install On-Device Diagnostic Tool application type ##634# on your phone’s on-screen keypad. A new app named Diagnostics will appear in your apps list.
Nokia Lumia 610C ODDT App Installation
Type ##634# with on-screen keypad

Warning! Always remember to uninstall the ODDT app from your phone once you are finished testing your phone. To uninstall the application tap and hold Diagnostics in the apps list and then tap uninstall.
Now as soon as you tap on Diagnostics app in your Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 610C you will see a Disclaimer screen. This basically states that this app is designed to troubleshoot some potential issues with your mobile phone. The content and the results of this app are not necessarily 100% correct and there might be some false positives or errors in the results and you should not rely on these tests completely. Then it will ask you to Accept those terms. So if you agree to those conditions tap Accept and start the app to simply press the left arrow Back Key to close the app and uninstall it by Tap and Holding on Diagnostics app then tapping on uninstall.
Nokia Lumia 610C ODDT Disclaimer Screen
Please read the terms carefully!

If you chose to accept the terms of the disclaimer screen you will see the screen on which you can choose the tests you want to run on your mobile phone. If you want to run all the tests like you are out to buy a second hand Lumia 610 or Lumia 610C you can tap on “Run All Tests” and you phone will start the tests one by one.
Nokia Lumia 610C Diagnostic Screen
Tap on the test you want to run
Here is a list of the tests you can run with ODDT app your Nokia Lumia 610 and Nokia Lumia 610C.
  • ALS – Read current ALS value
  • Audio loopback – Validate different audio output devices
  • Camera – Verify image capture
  • DTMF – Test DTMF tone generation
  • Hardware Buttons – Test all the user interface hardware buttons
  • Headset detection – Validate headset connectivity
  • Lights – Validate if the LCD back light is working or not
  • Magnetometer – Read current Magnetometer values
  • Power Source – Check on which power source the phone is running, Battery or External
  • Proximity – Shows the status of the Proximity sensor
  • Speaker – Validate basic integrity of speaker
  • Touch – Validate basic integrity of touch screen by allowing you to draw something on the screen
  • Vibration – Validate basic integrity of the vibration motor
Nokia Lumia 610C Diagnostic Tests
List of Tests and Results
If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
Note: Every repairing solution posted here is tested by at least one member of our team. Use the information available here at Your Own Risk. We are not responsible if any harm comes to your device during the repairing process.
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