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mobileEx_setup_v3.5_rev2.5 Free Download By Sahiuddin

100% Mediafire link working_

VolcanoBox 1.8.1 Small White Punch to DonkeyMonkey Teams

VolcanoBox 1.8.1

White update

Optimize spd Imei Change(USB)
Added spd 6610 Flash MX25U12835F Support
Added Mstar New Exclusive Flash ic Support
Added MTK New Exclusive Flash ic Support

We had revised SPD imei repair. so you guys please test it and let us know the results.

here is how to do

How can i repair Imei of any SPD phones include SPD Android Phones ?

You have do exactly as i describe here

open VolcanoBox Go to Detect Tab Select SPD from listAttach phoneClick on detect button detect spd Pinoutafter detection. click on Clear Pinouts after set manual pinouts GND & USBD+ & USBD- ( where it's detected before ) click button set pinout. Go to Spd Tab untick auto-detect pinout R/W imei chooses COMPress these keys from your keyboard to enable Imei repair Function ALT + CTRL + i Click on Write Imeiclick RUN New windows will be open choose USB port disconnect phone from cable & remove the red Clip ( Red Clip from power which is coming from box ) Write imei number in Box…