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Mtk Android Tool 2.4.6 Free Download

---Mtk Android Tool 2.4.6 ---

download here..

Android based china phones imei change without any devices

Android based china phones imei changing possible without any devices.
Please follow these guide:

How to change imei on some android china sets only using your fingers... No cable or box required...

Step 1. Put double sim in phone and power on the set.

Step 2. After phone power on dial *#*#3646633#*#* .

Step 3. A menu will appear on screen , then select GPRS.

Step 4. to change imei 1 select 1ST PDP and input new imei and select ok.

Step 5. After this action in order first select "Attached" , second select "De-attached" and all will be done.

P.S. if need to change second imei just follow the same steps, only the different is on step 4 select 2ND PDP and that's it.

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