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Download HTC Smart Tool (all versions)

HTC Smart Tool by Habeeb Kambrath allows you to perform various tasks on any HTC Device. Here, on this page we have managed to share all versions of HTC Smart Tool on this page.

Features of HTC Smart ToolADB Devices
This feature allows you to see the list of Android Device connected to the Computer. Every Android Device has its own unique ID, this feature helps you to know that.
Reboot into Fastboot Mode
This feature allows you to Boot / Reboot into the Fastboot Mode without pressing any Physical key on your HTC Device.
Read / Flash Unlock Token
This feature allows you to read and flash the unlock token while unlocking the bootloader of any HTC Device.
Flash Recovery
This feature allows you to flash Stock and Custom Recovery on your HTC Device. Stock Recovery comes with the Stock Firmware and Custom recoveries are developed by individuals.
ZIP Flashing
This feature allows you to flash small zip packages on your HTC device (this may require you to have the root access on yoru HT…