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How to Easy Soft Reset Nokia Lumia 610C Guide

If you have a stuck Nokia Lumia 610 or Nokia Lumia 610C this how to reset guide can be helpful to you. First thing you need to know is that you should never reset your smartphone’s OS unless there is no other way to solve your problem. Because sometimes you can damage your phone even further. Only Hard reset your phone when there is absolutely no other other way.

This guide works for both Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 610C, both of these mobile phones are practically the same. Okay so first step if your phone is stuck and is not responding to any of your commands simply do a power reset. To do a power reset pull the battery out of your mobile phone, wait for a few seconds and put the battery back in. Turn on the mobile phone and hopefully your phone will start working again.
Nokia Lumia 610C and Lumia 610 Power Reset Guide. Doing a power reset will not reset of delete anything on your mobile phone.
Pull the battery outWait for a few secondsPut the battery back inTurn on the pho…

How to Test and Diagnose Problems in Nokia Lumia 610C

In Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 610C there is an extremely useful hidden feature that most of the users don’t even know about. It is called On-Device Diagnostic Tool or ODDT App for short. This tool let’s you test and diagnose everything there is to test in your mobile phone. Like if you are having sound issues you can use this app to check whether it is your phone’s software problem or the hardware is causing it. In other words it let’s you completely test out your Nokia Lumia 610C and Lumia 610 parts including all the sensors, speakers, mic, camera and vibration. It can be very useful to people who want to buy a second hand phone. You can just start the ODDT app and test everything before paying. To install On-Device Diagnostic Tool application type ##634# on your phone’s on-screen keypad. A new app named Diagnostics will appear in your apps list.
Warning! Always remember to uninstall the ODDT app from your phone once you are finished testing your phone. To uninstall the a…